Dynamometer Analysis Has Never Been Simpler!
Experience has shown that for about nine of ten well shutdowns, a qualitative survey is what can help get the well back operating quickly. The EZ Draw wireless dynamometer is a practical, qualitative alternative to high cost, complicated quantitative dynamometer systems.


Installing EZ Draw dynamometer on the pumping system does not require "standing the rod string off" or wires that can become entangled.
EZ Draw clamps around the polished rod in a matter of a
few seconds.
WIRELESS DESIGN allows technicians to perform dynamometer surveys from a safe distance up to 300 feet away (inside an air conditioned or heated vehicle for example).
The simplicity and convenience of the EZ Draw dynamometer system reduces well downtime PLUS the time technicians are on location.


The EZ Draw dynamometer pays out quickly by increasing the
efficiency of technical personnel. Technicians spend less time
surveying individual wells, leaving more time to perform more
analyses on more wells.


Quantitative data can be obtained from the EZ Draw through Theta Enterprise's program Xdiag®. D-JAX can assist customers in obtaining this program.

Fluid Level and Dynamometer Services

D-JAX offers fluid level and dynamometer services at very reasonable rates carried out by the best technicians in the oil patch.

The EZ Draw™ Wireless Dynamometer System


The D-JAX EZ Draw dynamometer system installs on the polished rod in a matter of a few seconds. EZ Draw clearly shows whether or not a well is pumping off. PLUS, EZ Draw shows the condition of the down hole pump, the tubing string and other pumping system components.